A game changer medicine to beat COVID 19: Myth or Fact?

A game changer medicine to beat COVID 19: Myth or Fact?

The pandemic is spreading worldwide and the number of death ratio is increasing day by day due to the novel Corona virus. Researchers, doctors are fighting so hard against this virus from dawn to dusk.

But still now, after a long struggle there isn’t such type of medicine or antidote which can beat and abolish this pandemic situation of COVID 19.

Every biggest and strongest country bows down in front of this virus. Money, power, strength, wealth nothing can beat or improve this situation.

Human who is known as the most wonderful and powerful creature of earth, is now helpless, and to save her or his life s/he is leaving like an zoo animal.

Stay at home / Stay safe, this is becoming the motto to save this human life, and community.

As per the report it came to highlight that the source of this virus is Wuhan, a city of People’s Republic of China.

Then slowly it grabs its neighbor countries, including the powerful countries like USA, UK, Spain, Italy. The situation of these countries is really worst.

The government of each country decided to maintain some rules to beat this virus. As scientists are still struggling to invent antidote so till then to save this human community, we have to maintain such declarations of govt.

☼ LOCKE DOWN, Staying at home.

☼ Social distancing.

☼ Wearing mask if need to go out of home (Obviously for some necessary purpose)

☼ Keep washing your hands, without any reason. This is the only way to keep yourself safe.

☼ Don’t touch M.E.N, means, Mouth, Eyes, and Nose without washing your hands.

☼ Don’t split or sneeze openly.

☼ Eat high protein and well cooked food; also consume some vitamins like B, to improve your immunity.

 If you maintain this and if your immunity system is strong enough then you can survive well, and there is a chance to not get sick or infected.

Where every biggest cities are helpless, there INDIA is brilliantly cover this situation till now. Our India is showing the whole world the HOPE OF RAY.

Yes, where the whole world is still searching a medicine to beat this nightmare CORONA, there Indians doctors are the first who succeed to abolish this virus. This is not any antidote or vaccine.

Actually, Indians are born JUGADU, means born innovative. That is the reason, the whole world is now asking this medicine from INDIA.

Hydroxychloroquine is really the game changer medicine to beat the Covid 19.

The demand of this medicine is getting higher day by day, and that’s the reason, our neighbor and allied countries asking for this medicine so badly to protect their citizen.

And you know the rest, today every INDIAN is proud to be an INDIAN.

We have already shipped and sailed this tablets to 13 countries like  US, Spain, Germany, Bahrain, Brazil, Nepal, Bhutan, Afghanistan, Maldives, Bangladesh, Seychelles, Mauritius and the Dominican Republic.

But is this medicine really a game changer? Is it really a fact or just a myth?

So, let’s know more about this game changer medicine and start with the beginning. It will help you to cover the whole situation in details.

The Source of This Virus and It’s Beginning:

In the last week of December, 2019, when we were ready to welcome the New Year, at that moment, the hospitals of China declared, there are a lot of cases of falling sick and strangely none of the medicines response over them.

As it is high progressed with human to human transition rate, the infected number is increasing epidemically.  

After a research it was discovered, the main reason of this illness is a new and cruel virus known as ‘Corona’.

But then human being hasn’t any idea, what worse situation is coming over us.

The source of this novel Corona Virus is the Wuhan city of China. Though there are so many rumors also, like their bio-lab, eating habits, but the fact is the source place of this disease is CHINA.

It Started Like a Wild Fire and Increased Rapidly and Misfortune Started From Wuhan

From early January of 2020, from all hospitals in Wuhan, there are many suspected cases picked up and most of these are confirmed in 2019 Novel Corona Virus.

Before they were isolated, the infected persons already had extended the disease to more than 1k people.  And it was already late for them and after this; the disease was spreading like a wild fire.

The death cases were touching the ground of 1K, 2K to 50K very soon.

It was near the definition ‘Epidemic’, Global Health Emergency declared to lock down the whole country for 14 days.

Meanwhile, the effected news came from all over the China provinces between 2 weeks and millions of people were quarantined by the Government.

From That Wuhan Condition to the Present condition in world

By the international flight, the news was escalated from besides country too. The main matter is being a contagious disorder, the pandemic virus spread rapidly by country to lane in just a glance.

The situation became denser from the end of February, when near about 75 countries are affected with 500k influenced case by the virus.

All types of transport system are closed due to this reason also to reduce the stretch.

As a result, people are getting fear how to control and in which way staying protects from this high respiratory disease.

Now Peep Into Our Own Country India to See The Pandemic Status?

In India, in the last date of January, it was started through a foreigner from china. Till the date, over 17 thousand cases affected and over 500 cases of death.

Being a populated country, there is a big chance of getting a worst situation ever. Government is really taking a great initiative to protect our country from this fire of epidemic.

Now the 4th weeks of lockdown is going on in whole India. Police is really doing a great job to break the chain of human so that the virus can’t get a new body to infect.

Some states of India survives a lot, due to a huge population, like Mumbai, suffers a lot.

The no of Corona infected persons are increasing rapidly and that becomes the reason of being worried.

Apart from that, our country is a developing country, so this pandemic disease falls down the economic conditions too.

Hydroxychloroquine, is Really a Game Changer Medicine? Is This a Fact or Myth?

Recently we have heard a lot about the name of ‘Hydroxychloroquine’ and ‘Remdesivir’ that has taken as a granted situation as it reduces the chance of expansion in a living body.

The medicines are usually used for malaria anti-biotic, and to treat rheumatoid arthritis but there is no confidence about the halt of increasing percentage of death.

A game changer medicine to beat COVID 19: Myth or Fact?

And none of these are the specific vaccine for Novel corona virus.

Already above one Lac is dead and near about 25 lakhs people is infected over the world. In this stage of pandemic, only be home quarantine is the solution which can help to reduce the scope of affected number.

The medicine works sometime with other medical treatments, but besides this, it has a great risks as well as side- effects by consuming this drug.

So, don’t intake this tablets without consult with the doctors. It can be the cause of death also if your body is not ready for it.

Let me clear this thing.

What is Hydroxychloroquine?

Basically, it is the medicine for the serious and fatal disease Malaria. This is recommended for preventing and treatment of this disease.

The brand name of this drug is Plaquenil, it has a sister antidote chloroquine brand name Aralen.

Apart from that, it also helps to cure some auto- immune disorders like Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis.

These days, Hydroxychloroquine effectively works on the patient of Covid 19. It is now using to recover the infected bodies.

It is now under testing, as per the source, it comes to highlight that, there are some success stories in medical record, using this medicine few patients get cured.

Now Let’s Focus on Its Benefits?

Hydroxychloroquine, mixed with sulphate, is a chronic medicine produced by brand name Plaquenil. The medicine is helpful for Lupus also.

☼ Lupus is a sickness of muscular pain for a long time in different parts of a body. The medicine helps to reduce the intensity of ache.

☼ In rheumatoid arthritis, the immune system of the body harms internal tissues. As a result the system changes your body weak and powerless.

☼ One, who is suffering with Malaria disease, will affront cough and cold, headache and returnable fever many times.

We are already aware about the symptoms of COVID-19. Like the above disease it also suffers people from severe respiratory problem, tiredness, cough, fever, joint pain and even diarrhea.

For this similarity with Malaria, doctors are subject to prescribed this medicine, as per the patient’s health. It is not recommended to every victim of Corona Virus.

So, don’t dare to swallow this without consult with your doctor.

What are the Side-Effects of Hydroxychloroquine Medicine?

It is true, that this medicine achieved a great success in few cases, that’s the reason, researchers are trying to use this as the antidote. But, it is also true that this drug has some side effects and it can’t be use for anyone.

If the health doesn’t permit it, then the person can die also.

Hydroxychloroquine has some bad effects, like:-

☼ The low costs medicine has a disadvantage. Juniors less than 15 years can’t take this medicine for any circumference.

As the drugs have significant bad effects and it sometimes becomes a cause of headache, sitophobia (loss of appetite), loose excretion, skin rashes or itching and also stomach pain.

Without these effects vomiting, weight loss, changing mood, dizziness, nagging mood, feeling anxiety and hair loss also include in this queue of side effects. 

So without the permission of a physician you shouldn’t take it randomly. And most vital effect is heart problems may cause to take this drug.

Despite of that Why it is Called a Game-Changer Medicine?

☼ As after taking the medicine, there is no assistance to recover from Covid -19. As it’s not a large type of clinical trials and potential effects till now.

☼ It argues that such drugs may be ‘game- changers’ while its own medical advisors note a shortage of information from major scientific studies and possible harmful outcome.

☼ In subsequent visits, the president repeated his argument that it could be helpful and there might be a chance for a better future.

☼ In reality, scientists agree that the possible advantage of this medication must be balanced against the risks. 

☼ But the risks are not slight. If it is used individually or in conjunction with other drugs, Chloroquine and Hydroxychloroquine can cause severe risks and may prove dangerous in certain instances.

☼ A specialist doctor warns of frequent taking these anti-malarial medications for Covid-19 diagnosis without QTc control (it is an indicator of the health of the heart’s electrical recharging system).

Is It Possible to Bounce the Corona Virus?

Throughout the report, researchers obtained samples from various surfaces at Wuhan Hospitals, China.

For testing purpose, they include the soles of ICU personnel uniforms, most of the sample of shoes come positive and it proves that the shoe soles can play the role of virus carrier.

The materials use to make shoes have the 99.9 % possibility to carry this disease. On some surfaces, including plastic, it can remain active for 72 hours.

This suggestion opposed to making shoes made of plastic as natural fibers material can damage the virus in a short time period.

We should keep up believe for a duration of time. Definitely we can beat the virus with our strength, fighting and confidence.

Doctors and researchers will shine their way and protect the world from this heartbreaking disease.

Why Most of The Countries are Asking This Medicine to India?

US Food and Drug Authority has been declared the Hydroxychloroquine as a possible treatment for the Novel Corona virus. Already it has been tested over 1,500 patients suffering from Covid-19 in New- York.

Being the largest producers of the drug, India is also evaluating the requirements and the imminent rise in output required to satisfy increasing demand. India abolished the product export ban last week; about two weeks after the export ban had been implemented.

It is supplying the medicines to nearby countries besides Uganda, Egypt, Netherlands, Oman, Peru, Zimbabwe, and Madagascar, known from source.

The US has kept an eye on the drug as a ‘game changer’. India officials reported the ban removed prior to trump’s remarks.

Another Hope to Get a Corona Free EARTH: The PLASMA THERAPY!!!!

There is no doubt that, Hydroxychloroquine, can’t be the best medicine for Covid 19 treatment. As there are a few chances of complications. Even patient can lose his/her life.

Then what’s the solution?

This deadly virus Covid 19 has already infected more than 2 million human beings across the world. But still scientists are trying to hard but yet not discover any treatment.

But as per a recent report, the ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research) announced about this PLASMA THERAPY. Till now, it is really effective for Corona treatment, without having any complications.

Hope, soon we will get the CORONA free EARTH to roam freely.

To know more about this PLASMA THERAPY, keep your eye on our blog.

Written By – Bidisha Goswami (Inhouse Writer of DCW)


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