Effects of Amphan on, Kolkata, and it’s small places of West Bengal too

Effects of Amphan on, Kolkata, and it's small places of West Bengal too

KOLKATA is known as the City of Joy, but now this city is really in pain…

This is the first time in history, our city of joy is not spreading happiness due to the dangerous cyclone Amphan.

Where that big trees and those memories with the Maidan, college ground, every spot breaks the chain today with the bites of Cyclone Amphan.

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And not only this joyous city but also, its surroundings also in the sting of Amphan. We are getting suffered both of C as a cyclone and the other C is for Corona.

Still now, many areas of West Bengal are suffering from the great trouble of not getting water supply and electricity.

So many districts like North and South both 24 Parganas, Kolkata, Howrah, Hooghly, Nadia are in the list of impairment in West Bengal hugely.

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On the side, the pride of West Bengal, the Sundarbans, a marshland of the famous region of mangroves is totally destroyed by this super cyclone.

Already our city Kolkata loosed the rhythm of the joy due to Lockdown. Shutter down the malls, restaurants, small or big shops, and this cyclone has made this city totally breakdown.

 People are depressed mentally, due to the economical issues, and now, this Cyclone made all of us physically imbalanced.

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And not only the west Bengal, Odissa, and its coastal areas also destroyed badly with this cyclone.

Source And The Details Of The Cyclone: AMPHAN

The strong and dangerous tropical cyclone Amphan already declared as the most harmful and widespread damage of east India in this decade.

Striking the Ganges Delta the Amphan developed in Bay- Of – Bengal and then attacked through the Coastal regions of West Bengal. 

In between the 4 to 5 hours, the cyclone deprives of 86 people’s life and home of thousands of people in total West Bengal.

It was formed on 16th May 2020 on the North Indian Ocean originated with a low-pressure area of a few hundred miles in Srilanka.

Effects of Amphan on, Kolkata, and it’s small places of West Bengal too
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After the Northeast disturbance, it was organized over usually warm sea surface temperatures.

The persistent impacts of dry air and wind shear have interrupted this circle and have slowly eroded Amphan as it parallels the eastern coast of India.

On 18th May, the cyclone reached its pick top at 240 km/hour and a minimum central barometric pressure of 925 Mbar.

 On 20th May, the cyclone struck in west Bengal with a sustained wind of 155km/hour between 10:00 UTC.

The Powerful Cyclone Damages The City Life

The strong and dangerous tropical cyclone Amphan already declared as the most harmful and widespread damage of east India in this decade.

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🔺 Not only the places under Municipality both of panchayet suffered a lot due to power cut and water supply, somewhere after 2 days, 3 days areas were the out of electricity.

🔺 Still now after the 9 days of cyclone few places are out of electricity due to the breaking of polls.

🔺 Bengal had totally lost its all communication sector for more than 7 days, the telecommunication as well as internet broadband service, both got brutally damaged by this destructive cyclone.

🔺 Including mud houses, brick houses also broke down against the thrush of cyclonic wind.  Many shops were destroyed by the intense winds that left buildings ruined beyond repair.

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🔺 Tin sheets on the roofs of the shops fell like cards in the cyclone winds. As the number of consumed houses and shops in the region was high, structural damage was more manifest.

🔺 North and South both 24 Parganas, Kolkata, Howrah, Hooghly, Nadia are in the list of impairment in west Bengal hugely.

🔺 Sundarban totally destroyed and the cruel touch of Amphan went to Murshidabad, Purba, and Paschim Medinipur also.

Hats Off To Our CM: Mamata Banerjee And PM: Narendra Modi

Near about 50 thousand people were rescued to save place before starting the dangerous thunder. But it was adequate.

The CM of West Bengal requested to Center Government about the losses that happened due to this cyclone.

She also invites our PM, Mr. Narendra Modi, to examine the damages and losses. According to the report it’s come to live that PM offered a rescue package for Kolkata and it’s above of 1 lakh crore rupees.

Modiji traveled to West Bengal and Odissa after the visit of Chitrakut in February to detect the damage by cyclone Amphan.

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After the 83 days Covid-19 related lockdown condition, Modiji attended in West Bengal to the response to this major loss of property.

PM Modi has announced RS. 1000 crore aid relief and rehabilitation for west Bengal and 500 crores for Odisha.

The Cyclone Amphan collapsed many parts of the state and demolishing bridges and inundating lowland regions. Yes, The Amphan damages more than worth of lakhs.

They made a truly admirable attempt as two diverse fights had to be waged by West Bengal.

One battle is against Corona and one is against the tragedy of cyclone that was completely opposite.

When one needs to stay at home and improve social distance the cyclone needs to escape safely as fast as possible.

After the Odissa cyclone in 1999, it’s the most expensive cyclone recorded in the exceeding the record held by Cyclone Nargis in 2008.

Due to lockdown, many people have already in great trouble economically and socially. Between these situations, it has added a new level of deprivation.

Agriculture Is The Backbone Of West Bengal But This Cyclone Destroyed That Too

In the history of West Bengal, the 20th May 2020 has been taken place as a black mark day.

Mainly two states West Bengal and Odissa are harmed by the Amphan Then the severe storm has weakened and goes to Bangladesh.

But in between the time lakhs of trees were uprooted by the fury of nature and lowland regions are underwater.

Needy People of Sundarbans and other water immersed place have got salvation but still now the lack of transport the process is not smooth. So many people are suffering too much to lead their life.

That Sundarbans, one of the UNESCO heritage site have breached their banks by more than 20 rivers in farmlands loss its own way.

Cyclone Amphan has totally destroyed the farming sector in at least 14 of the 23 districts in West Bengal.

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The loss, according to Asish Banerjee, the state agriculture minister, may create an all-time record. Only Hooghly and Birbhum district has incurred a loss of Rs. 600 crore and Rs. 462 crore respectively.

East Midnapore, a coastal district, has lost 47000 hectares of land, whereas 70% and 50% of paddy in Burdwan East and Bankura districts were lost.

The state of the flower growers of Howrah and Hooghly districts are also not stable whereas the mango orchards in Murshidabad district are also badly hit by the cyclone.

In the Bardhaman district itself, where the effect of the thunder was not as extreme as in some others, 30,000 hectares of paddy were affected along with 12,000 hectares of vegetables.

A few parts of Nadia also have been severely affected. More lives would certainly have been lost in the Amphan if it not for the immediate emergency measures.

The district administration announced that about Rs. 250 crore worth of large scale crops had been damaged by the cyclone in Howrah, Hooghly, and 24 Parganas.

The scenario of East Midnapore is shocking as paddy crop in around 30,000 hectares, sesame in around 12,000 hectares and vegetables in around 5,000 hectares of land have been completely perished due to the cyclone.

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More reports of the devastation are yet to come as connectivity is not fully restored yet. The betel plant cultivation is also highly affected throughout the West Bengal.

The cyclone has really thrashed all the hopes of the farmers of West Bengal.

Life Is Miserable Now, The Rhythm Is Stop: But Bengal Will Beat This Tragedy Too.

The recent Amphan fear has created great pressure on our mental health status; the traumatic experience has left us amidst utter fear and depression.

Many are rendered homeless, whereas many have lost their source of income.

The numerous uprooting of the trees is going to make a tremendous negative impact in our near future.

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We were trying to cope with the lockdown situation but this sudden unwanted disaster has made the lower middle strata completely hopeless.

The fear is so strong in our mind still now that a light storm also helps us to remember the fateful day. The doctors are also anxious about the increasing percentage of the number very hasty of the corona Virus.

Who are losses their houses are rescued in a safe place? But from that gathering enhances the chance of infestations of Covid-19.

But we Bengalis are born fighter. So, very soon, we will rule again.

The Real Heros: Electricity Staffs, Polices and Army: SALUTE

In this troublesome stage, only our heroes are Electric Supply persons. They played the role of a REAL HERO.

Cutting the big trees and rescue the city from dark and getting them the essentials. What do you think? These days, we can define the significance of electricity?

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With this, the armies and polices have rescued the people with their every part of blood. To save human beings, few police persons, and electric persons lost their life.

Without taking rest they are serving their duty beyond their responsibilities they were fighting for us.

PRAY FOR BENGAL, DONATE Your Bit To Bring Back The SMILE Of The City Of Joy

When such a type of disaster comes into our life, we have to fight altogether. In this emergency situation we should stand beside our government.

There is a fund name West Bengal State Emergency Relief Fund. Here you get the link also. you can share an amount from your own to keep in touch with them.

You have to select payment mode, the date, donation amount, and your transaction id to distribute in the account. Here you can get the contact number also.

Account no628005501339                                                                                         

A/c Name :  West Bengal State Emergency Relief Fund
IFSC Code ICIC0006280
Bank : ICICI Bank Ltd., Branch( Howrah)

Valid from– Thursday,
March 26, 2020

Valid Till- Wednesday, June 3, 2020.

The link of west Bengal state emergency relief fund-https://wbserf.wb.gov.in/wbserf/page/wbserf_Generate_Receipt.aspx#

The link of West Bengal State Emergency Relief Fund and assist the State in prevention and control of situation arising out of unforeseen emergencies https://www.paschimmedinipur.gov.in/covid-19

Final Words, On Behalf Of All The BENGALIS

More than 10 million people affected by this cyclone and animals also harmed by this thunder terribly.

We have been suffering from Covid-19 and lockdown for the last 3 months.

Last week Cyclone Amphan has increased this difficulty with a multiplied level.

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But we are strong, we should strong in this bad time. When nature examines with our strength, we have to stand anyhow.

The Bengalis are habituated with the ‘Korbo, Lorbo Jitbo Re’ Mantras.

It’s a little hostilities time for us but when our mind is without fear and the head is held high we will win our destiny surely.

✍🏼 Writer: Bidisha Goswami