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How Do I Score More In PTE Reorder Paragraphs

How Do I Score More in PTE Reorder Paragraphs?

Reordering paragraphs is one of the time consuming and tricky tasks to perform. In the PTE Reorder Paragraphs test, you will be getting nearly 2 to 3 items to solve in the real test.

An official PTE Reorder Paragraphs offers a candidate with 5 jumbled sentences. It contains one main topic sentence, and the remaining are the supporting ones.

As the name suggests, the task is to rearrange the set of jumbled sentences in a proper meaningful sequence. The PTE Reorder Paragraphs is a time-bound test, so it is recommended not to spend more than 2 minutes on each jumbled sentence set.

So finally, you might be thinking how to score more in PTE Reorder Paragraphs?

Here are some key strategies you must consider before attempting your official PTE Reorder Paragraphs test.

  • The Grammar and its Cohesion

It is undoubtedly the simplest and best way to arrange the correct sequence of the whole paragraph. But before that, do remember to pay proper attention to solving it correctly. Let’s check out the following points to crack the test.

  • Time Related Phrases and Its Proper Use – Always pay deep attention to various time-related words or phrases and even dates. The words like later, secondly, finally, etc naturally provide an idea about the arrangement of the sentences in a paragraph.


  • Understanding the use of Transition Words – You will always get some of the other transition words in a paragraph. While talking about PTE reorder Paragraphs, these transition words help you a lot in arranging sentences in proper order.


Here are some transition words for your reference like although, consequently, moreover, otherwise, hence, generally, however, besides, because, yet, similarly, therefore, etc.


These words help you to analyze the correct order of the sentences of the paragraph.

  • Use your Knowledge of Noun and Pronoun – As we all know noun is a name of a place, person, thing, or an animal and is must be followed by a proper pronoun. A pronoun is a word that can replace the noun without changing the original meaning of it.


It would help if you used your brain to find the pronoun usage in the sentences, which includes she, him, he, her, them, and much more. There, words help to relate something to the specific noun that has already been used in the paragraph.


  • The Proper Understanding of Articles

In grammar, articles play a vital role, and their proper understanding gives you an ability to deal with the English language in a much effective way.  Articles help you to reorder sentences in a paragraph.


Let’s understand the real meaning and the function of the article with the help of an example. When an article precedes a noun, “The” is always used to denote something specific, and that particular thing must be mentioned somewhere in the previous sentences.


Similarly, when an author uses “a” or “an” just before a noun. Then it denotes he/she wants to convey a general statement to introduce the noun in the paragraph.

  • Analyze the proper progression of the story in the paragraph


This concept is only understandable if you know the proper sentence structure. A sentence structure comprises 3 major parts: subject, verb, and object or (S-V-O Approach). Moreover, every sentence in a paragraph follows a proper S-V-O approach.


The S-V-O approach states that:

  • Every sentence consists of a subject, verb, and object.
  • In a consecutive sentence of every paragraph has some link with the previous sentence.
  • The object of the previous sentence will become the subject of the current sentence, and so on.
  • This sort of relations can be easily identified by the reference of some relative synonymous, acronyms, consequential terms, and other phrases. These words help to form sub-sequential sentences.

Some Most common myths you must ignore while Solving PTE Reorder Paragraphs.

  • “A good vocabulary is not important for solving PTE Reorder paragraphs.” We are unfortunate to guide you that reality is the opposite. A good vocabulary skill will help you a lot in arranges the jumbled sentences in a proper order without making any silly mistake.
  • “PTE reorder Paragraphs are one of the toughest tasks to achieve and very hard to grab good score.” This thinking is irrelevant because reorder paragraphs require lots of practice. If you are a beginner, then you might face difficulties in solving. However, with regular exercise, you will gain more confidence, and the task will gradually become simpler.
  • “It is impossible to solve PTE Reorder Paragraphs without available options.” Well, its true that every question with available options makes is much simpler to solve. But in the case of Reorder Paragraphs, they are meant to be solved without the options, and they are easily achievable.

Final Words

A PTE Reorder Paragraphs are a quite simple and practical test. You can quickly achieve the desired results just with proper practice and by implementing best solving strategies. Always try to make it simpler to understand the concept of the sentence and try to relate them.

While performing the PTE Reorder Paragraphs test, try not to spend more than 2 minutes on each question because the time is limited. For time management, keep practicing a lot that will surely help you to bring your solving time down.

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