Social Media gets Viral With an OLD Image: What’s the Truth Behind This?

Social Media gets Viral With an OLD Image: What's the Truth Behind This?

Recently a picture is getting viral on social media which describes people travelling a small enclosed single-user vehicle keeping some space between them.

Netizens are saying that in 1962 an Italian Magazine had portrait the life of 2020 or 2025, that’s the reason this picture gets too many eyes.

The photo art circulates in 1962 in an Italian magazine widely.

The story was about the world. But by chance, it looks like a mirror of the current date of this year.


What is The Fact Behind The Picture?

Accompanying the photo art a community of people riding privately in a slim, enclosed car and it was genuine.

Unfortunately there is something special in the sense of evocative illustration, but not connected to the COVID 19 pandemic.

But anyhow it seems a perfect match of today’s status of the world related to this lockdown situation.

The photo post circulates frequently on social media declaring to be seen in 1962, an Italian journal released a report on what the future might look like in 2022.

Accompanying pictures art depicts a story, that is of citizens of the world have been told to remain at home, maintain the social distance in public areas and use masks to cover themselves.

40 years before in 1981 one claimed a dean Koontz book to predict such virus as Corona epidemically.

1962 is The Mirror of 2022: An Italian Magazine

It works like a cross between the ride and the stylish ride. It’s an example from the Italian journal of 1962 depicts an imaginary scenario from the year 2022.

In 1962 the edition of the report the Domenica Del Corriere newspaper envisions operations in sleek, dome-enclosed, single-person cars.

There are no documents regarding this report was expressly designated to show a scene from the year 2022.

In May 2020, social network users shared an image from a journal written in 1962 Gazing will be like 2022, 60 years after the events.

Several viewers interpreted the graphic as an unsettling premonition of the social distance constraints and other steps imposed by the 2020 Covid 19.

Designed as a combination between the two-wheeled Segway personal transporter and the smart car, motorized, four-wheeled scooters driven by a rider enclosed in a translucent dome to defend against weather and other environmental factors.

Why The Current Nature is Being Associated With The Image?

But in the article the Singoletta as a potential vehicle of the future, there was no such type of information indicating that the article specifically presented as the common usage in the year 2022.

The picture really illustrates about the future, the traffic issue in cities might be eased by compact, single-seater cars occupying a much smaller area.

In other terms, public mobility has revealed the potential- not the post of global pandemic scenario in 2022.

Here is another photograph of the same newspaper depicting the reality of traffic congestion on the street in New York City.


By Whom The Creation Was Discovered?

The photographic art has expressed creativity of the great humorous cartoonist Walter Molino.

Unlike the statements, the artist didn’t explicitly consider photography as an example of the future. 

The lightweight car in illustrative art looks like a covered four-wheeled scooter, where the driver remains standing straight.

Within a semi-circular translucent dome, it shields the man from the sun.