Some Hidden Benefits of GREEN TEA – You never heard


Some Hidden Benefits of GREEN TEA – You never heard

‘Tea’ is a small word, but its significance is enormous. A tea-lover understands its influence in daily routine. As a medical treatment, it was founded in the 16th century. But day by day tea is more adorable to the people of wide Asia. As it is not a simple drink, tea has multiple beneficial qualities for human health.

There are varieties types of tea in the market like black tea, herbal tea, and fermented tea. Among this, Green tea is very popular as it fights against short to big complications from acne to cancer. Let’s see the way how tea effects-

  • Reduce The Tendency Of Cancer

After many types of researches, it is proved that green tea has such a substance that prevents cancer in the early stage. ‘Polyphenol’ is the substance that promised to assure the disease. National Cancer Institute has accorded; more than 50 epidemiologic studies published in the association between tea consumption and cancer risk. Presenting different anti-oxidants green tea decrease the chance of cancer like breast, prostate, ovary, and even lung cancer, too, that has been proved in many research centers.

Benefits of GREEN TEA

  • Relaxing Arthritis Pain

Green tea is helpful to reduce pains and aches. The Presence of quercetin, a chemical compound, acts as a powerful antioxidant and inflammatory object. To get the benefits, you have to sip it four cups in a day. It declines the chance of arthritis to 60%. The polyphenols in green tea reduce the destruction of cartilage.

  • Brain Boosting

In green tea, there is one chemical named ‘caffeine.’ It helps to protect your brain from anxiety. Green tea boosts your memory and attention, too, and increases overall brain function.

  • Stress Relieving

Another exciting part is green tea works as a good stress reliever. Presence of cool amino acid L- theanine, it works super effectively. You can carry it in the stressful work that will be a plus point for you. Caffeine-free this tea won’t harm your meal so you can have it more than four times in a day. In some countries, green tea is used as a medicated therapy of mental stress.

  • Weight Loosing

Are you planning to make your diet? Before making your chart suggest green tea must as it burns consumed more energy. Reduce the fat mass (belly fat also); green tea beverages may mix with sugar. So you should take it with zero extra sugar and zero calories per serve for your slim body.

  • Prepare Your Heart Strong

Green tea includes a sufficient amount of flavonoids and antioxidants. It protects heart disease. It downs cholesterol, prevents blood clots, and improves blood vessel function.

Green tea helps to reduce the lower cholesterol and lower rates of artery blockages. You have to drink it for one or two cups in a day to fix the heart problem till 40%.

  • Prevents Pimple

An easily available remedy is green tea for acne and pimple. Supplementary containing for oily skin, antimicrobial, and antioxidant erased the most blackheads from your skin. Someone faces a problem of acne. Mix peppermint tea with green tea helps to fix the pimple problem permanently. Secondly, you can use cold green tea as a face wash. But you have to take it regularly to get the right solution.

  • Solves Urinary Infection

To have a clear urinary system, you have to drink more than 2 cups per day. The tea contains an antioxidant that reduces bladder inflammation. Green tea reduces the urinary tract infection until 40% actively.

Benefits of GREEN TEA

  • Cure Allergy Issues

Being in rich flavonoids, green tea good is any skin problem. Direct use or cold green tea works like magic, any skin inflammation, and allergy issues. Just a few cups of tea you have take regularly.

The reaction of warm, moist, humid climates both outdoor and indoor; any skin problem has a solution for green tea.

  • Reduce Risk Of Heart Problem

As doctors, green tea facts on blood vessels. It cooperates to stay relaxed and control the blood pressure in a balanced way. It may also protect the formation of clots; thus green tea helps people from heart attacks. Blood clotting is the leading cause of heart attack. Drinking green tea shortens the high cholesterol level too. And it improves the ratio of good to bad cholesterol.

  • Control Blood Sugar and mood

Regular drinking of green tea weakens the lousy effect of blood sugar on your body. The amino acid in green tea increases the anti-anxiety effects. So the mood becomes fresh and less stressed hydrating your body. Blood sugar controls mood sometimes. If the sugar is under control, the mood will be fine.

  • Reduce Blown Eyes

Green tea cut down your brownness from your eyes. Placing a tea bag on your eye soothes you fast than other particulars. You have to rake the teabag at least 15-20 minutes on your eyes. It refreshes you. Just check it one time!

  • Increase Your Life Validity

Besides all the advantages, green tea is applicable for life long. It removes the lousy toxin from the body. Eliminating the risk of any heart diseases, controlling blood sugar and pressure, reducing stress, preventing various cancers green tea creates human life beautiful and smooth. Yes, it is proved that it has deducts the life risk to 76% during the last six years.

Thus green tea has invented a new way to the scientist and people also. It assists citizens from many sides. Everyone is being benefitted with a cup of tea. If you face any problem with this, don’t hesitate. Take it regularly and love the advantages.

By– DCW Staff