Top 10 Popular BRANDs: Do You Know The Full Form of Those?


We like branded items as it gives us assurance, super quality and pleasure.

From food to home materials (A to Z) some particular and famous name attached with a definite product.

Even some time we called the brand name instead of the product.

And now-a-days branding is a good concept of marketing too. Companies sell their own furnished product adding a name or a number or symbol or a logo. 

A cause of this unique name or identity exhortative the people to pick the goods just with the brand name.

Several companies have a deep brand identity. But they are trying to shrink the full form as shoppers can relate them easily.

Here are these types of popular brand names that we use frequently but very few of us know the complete forms of those recognized brands.

So, let’s start-

Top 13 Popular BRANDs: Do You Know The Full Form of Those?
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1️⃣ PVR  (Priya Village Roadshow)

Who doesn’t know the name of PVR Cinemas? A famous Indian company which is giving entertaining and interesting movies.

A public limited company started with the joint venture of Priya Exhibitors Private limited and Village Roadshow Limited.

Later we get the combined company as Priya Village Roadshow. The company was established by Ajay Bill, the chairman and Managing Director of PVR cinemas before 23 years ago in 1997.

Total revenue of a year is near about 31,187 million from 800 screens. Also operating a pro-active CSR wing under PVR first introduced the Gold screen in Bangalore.  

Top 13 Popular BRANDs: Do You Know The Full Form of Those?

2️⃣ Amul  (Anand Milk Union Limited)

A renowned Indian dairy cooperative company with a logo ‘The Taste of India‘, Amul was founded 74 years ago in 1946.

Associating with Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, Tribhuvandas Patel founded the Kaira District Milk Union limited which now famed as Amul.

The revenue of the company per year is abour 38, 550 crore.

The worldwide company has it’s Headquarter at Anand in Gujarat. The full form of Amul related with the place.

Spurring with India’s white revolution Amul is the largest milk product producer of world. 

Top 13 Popular BRANDs: Do You Know The Full Form of Those?

3️⃣  ICICI- (Industrial Credit And Investment Corporation Of India)

Founded 26 years ago in 1994, ICICI is operating with retail banking, corporate banking, investment banking, mortgage loans, private banking and finance and insurance.

Revenue with the 91,246.94 crore per annum the company has registered headquarter in Vadodara, Gujarat and corporate office in Mumbai, Maharashtra of India.

One of the big four banks of India, ICICI is a worldwide public company who has 16,000 ATMs across India and as opening sector in 17 countries.

Top 13 Popular BRANDs: Do You Know The Full Form of Those?

4️⃣ HDFC- (Housing Development Finance Corporation)

HDFC, India’s largest private sector bank was founded 25 years ago in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Aditya Puri, the managing director of HDFC  a renowned Indian financial sector earns net 211 Billion dollar in a year.

Providing a number of wholesale banking, retail banking auto loans, personal loans and credit card the company’s network distributed 2, 800 cities with 5500 branches.

Top 13 Popular BRANDs: Do You Know The Full Form of Those?

5️⃣ BPL- (British Physical Laboratories)

BPL, an Indian electronics company makes health care equipment. It was founded in 1963 in Kerala and headquartered at Bangalore, Karnataka.

With the items of television, refrigerators, washing machines, micro ovens and audio equipment the company’s total revenue in a year is 77 crore.

After hardworking at USA and UK T.P.G Nambiar founded his high quality electronic products with this household name BPL.

Top 13 Popular BRANDs: Do You Know The Full Form of Those?

6️⃣ DLF- (Delhi Land And Finance)

The real estate industry DLF is a Gurgaon based commercial developer Indian company. It came to the limelight after being the sponsored of IPL.

It was founded by Chaudhary Raghvendra Singh in 1946 with the base of New Delhi.

It builds residential, offices, shopping malls, hotels, golf courses and retail properties infrastructure. Revenue of the company is 5.13 billion the company reported a turnover of 31billion dollar.

Top 13 Popular BRANDs: Do You Know The Full Form of Those?

7️⃣ LG- (Lucky Goldstar)

Another popular brand, Lucky Goldstar, a South Korean multinational conglomerate corporation, LG is the fourth largest company in South Korea.

Popular for its electronics, chemicals and telecom, information technology products the worldwide company earns 14.2 billion dollar in a year.

Operating with many subsidiaries the Lucky Goldstar, headquartered in Seoul was founded 73 years ago by Koo In -Hwoi.


8️⃣ JBL- (James Bullough Lansing)

Famous for superb audio sound system like headphone, amplifier, loudspeaker, JBL was established in 1946.

With the name of founder James Bullough Lansing who was an American audio engineer and loudspeaker designer the company’s full form is linked up with him.

Headquartered in California, USA the American subsidiary company JBL is a subsidiary of South Korean company Samsung electronics.


9️⃣ HTC- (High Tech Computer Corporation)

A famous seller of smart phones, laptop, telecommunication product and small electrical product HTC is a Taiwanese consumer electronics company.

Headquartered in new Taipei city was founded 23 years ago by Cher Wang on 1997.

The worldwide company incomes TWD 12 billion in a year and dedicates to develop the android mobile operating system with the competition with Apple and Samsung electronics.


 🔟  IBM- (International Business Machine)

The International Business Machines Corporation is an American multinational technological company which has their headquarter in New York.

The company spread 177 countries began in 1911 as computing tabulating recording company.

Later it was famed as IBM. Selling hardware, software, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and hosting the consulting service.

IBM was founded 108 years ago by Charles Ranlett flint and Thomas J. Watson with a number of 352,000 employee the company earns 9.43 US billion dollar in a year.

So, now you know the full name of your favorite brand. Share this and let others know about this amazing facts. Hope you enjoyed this, stay tune with us.

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