Privacy Policy

Digicontent World has a strong commitment to protecting the confidentiality of our valuable clients & website visitors. We appreciate the idea that even at occasions, we are trusted with data that is perceived to be of significant importance to you and perhaps even your company. Therefore, we consider a very practicable measure to safeguard that it is protected.

The overview explains the information about our privacy policy when they apply to our customers, active subscribers of our web—also the people who access our platform without holding a registered account with us.

All these measures are to secure your identity details, payment or banking credentials and any other personal info that you exchange with us. All your personal and professional dealings is an integral part of the utilization of our facilities and services.

We thank you for spending your precious time to follow our privacy policies. Your continuous usage of our platform and facilities is the assurance that you have understood this documentation and are in agreement with all of the privacy policies put into effect by Digicontent World.


DigiContent World Privacy Policy

DigiContent World offers the privacy policies readily available to all visitors on our website. We prefer disclosing all of our policies and regulations in a clear and straightforward language, without any confusion, so that everyone can easily understand them.

We hold the authority to incorporate any modifications, deletions or improvements to this regulation; however, we will offer you explicit notification of any future changes. It’s all up to you to decide whether you’d like to keep using our services and website. The continuous usage of our platform and its services after this notification having been issued would act as evidence that you remain in agreement with any improvements, deletion or amendments incorporated to the policy by DigiContent World.

With the objectives of the full privacy statement, personally identifiable information (PII) is described as any information or data that could effectively recognize a particular person or company. It varies with private and personal details that, in several instances, cannot always be tracked directly to the consumer or approved individual.

DigiContent World does not distribute, sell, share or reveal the PII to others, for whatever reason it may be.  The primary exemption comes as ordered by either a valid law enforcement authority or through a judicial order/order of the court. Under such cases, we shall execute the protocol for the dissemination of such details as defined by the applicable law enforcing authority.

The laws will decide whether or you’re not brought to the attention of all this. Unless there is no legal restriction on DigiContent World, we will make all possible effort to notify you of the investigation by the law investigating department as early as appropriate.  Consider that while we’re trying to protect your anonymity, DigiContent World will first work under the government laws.

We hold the authority to report the Personally identifiable information to the relevant regulatory body if we have adequate evidence to believe that our platform and facilities are actively utilized to perform illegal actions.

The privacy policy applies to all kind of personal data you provide to DigiContent World concerning your individual and business factors.


Your Personal Information

DigiContent World would never acquire PIIs through a customer, authenticated consumer or website guest unless their permission. Alternatively, you will be required to include these details on a voluntary manner during the registration, placing of orders, delivery of rules, or via certain features and services that seem to be inclusive of or linked to our official site.

Only certain PII are required to be collected in addition to allowing us to support you with our facilities and services. If you are hesitant or unable to supply any of the necessary information, it will bring difficulties for us to establish a commercial partnership with you or your company.

PII including various details which involve, and is therefore not restricted to: your name, e-mail address, home address, contact number, credit card details, other account details including specifics of your confidential or professional dealings.

Personally identifiable information and individual data are gathered just before clients: utilize our website, create an account with our portal, order a service, provide order information, deal directly with us and in association with any of the other functionalities of our platform.

Most PII and private information captured on our portal are the legal property of DigiContent World.

DigiContent World retains the privilege to exchange data and info that is not directly identified for publicity and any other purposes. Personal details used for this objective will never again be traced back to our customers or registered members.


The DigiContent World website uses cookies to maximize our customer experience so that you will be able to browse all of its features and services. If you want to choose to disable the use of cookies, accept that this may prevent you from using certain features of the website to its maximum potential.

Cookies are not included in settings where PII & other confidential details are stored. That contains several passwords, your billing details and other contact details.

The cookies used across DigiContent World are only used to collect data and info that is not of a special significance. This can involve and is therefore not confined to, your IP address, what kind of software you are using, the features and functionality of the search engine you are accessing, as well as other essential details about the technologies used to navigate our portal.

The data gathered by cookies can, but that is not constrained. It includes 3rd parties to improve the overall experience of our website. To monitor our consumer interactions and/or for commercial purposes.

Sharing Information

Also, to support our copywriting solutions, the data and information given by you will be shared with our official writers.  All our writers are licensed to implement the DigiContent World Privacy Policy. However, you must note that the data and details you provide in your ongoing projects is at your own risk and also make sure that these details may be shared with any 3rd party organization if needed.

Our Creators and Writers will not be given to any PII, or personal details access to you shared with DigiContent World until we have specifically directed to do the same by you in written form.

We do include the usage of a 3rd party to execute the transactions. It is achieved by utilizing safe and trustworthy transaction processing services and by encryption and decryption the PII and transaction details for personal security. DigiContent World shall not be held liable for any violation of the safety of the 3rd party processing vendor.


DigiContent World has undertaken the required measures to protect your privacy and confidentiality, which include applying for a unique password that is revealed exclusively to you. This becomes your absolute duty to preserve the authenticity of your account.

DigiContent World would not be kept liable for the exploitation of the Personally identifiable information by someone who has used your login profile. If you think the authentication of your profile has been breached, please feel free to contact DigiContent World to enable you to establish new login details.

We also introduced the latest protection enhancements on our websites to secure all the data that is gathered and preserved online. While we undertake any feasible step to protect the safety of our protection networks. However, we should not be considered accountable for the deletion, manipulation or modification of any & all data acquired in the unlikely scenario that the protection mechanisms have been compromised.

Some or all details that clients willingly give to DigiContent World and our portal is with your own risk.


When you have already given us an e-mail address to DigiContent World. We offer you e-mail notifications and alerts about additional services, items or any further details we consider to have something of relevance to you. 

When you do not like to receive such kinds of notifications, you should drop out of the user dashboard by communicating with us. DigiContent World does not disclose the e-mail address with any 3rd person.

Underage Users

The DigiContent World website, as well as the facilities we deliver, are designed for people above the age of 21. We would never purposely gather or use the Personally identifiable information or the private details received by a minor or underage and implement steps to ensure the age of all the active members.

When we discover out an underage individual is using either platform and/or facilities, we must automatically remove every detail relating to him/her from our records and stop the engagement.

External Links

Interconnections with specific online platforms can be discovered on the DigiContent World page. We are not liable again for the security of any personally identifiable information or private details that you want to exchange with any of those associated sources.

Removing Your PII

If you need to withdraw or erase your Personally identifiable information in full or in portion from our DigiContent World website at any time, you can accomplish that by a signed statement. Consider that by removing some of the necessary details, you might reduce or limit your usage of our products and facilities.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

When DigiContent World sells its services and offers facilities in full or in part, the Personally identifiable information can be passed as part of the purchase contract.

You must be informed when such a transformation takes effect &, should you need to use our features apart from your Personally identifiable information, and you’re private. All other details will be covered under similar provisions as those set out in these terms and conditions before you are alternatively informed.

If DigiContent World makes any improvements, omissions or amendments to the Privacy Policies, the notification will be reported on our official site. The changes will be incorporated in that same report as of the deadline on which they are applicable. 

The continuing usage of our platform after that point is appropriate to conclude that you’ll be in line with such improvements, omissions and/or enhancements.

The information proposed throughout this Privacy Policy shall be valid as of 18th May 2020. (It will be the Date of Publish)